Mato Grosso State Stadia Data

City				Stadium						Teams who use it			Capacity

Alto Araguaia			Municipal de Alto Araguaia			Gabirobense				  2,500
Barra do Garças			José Valeriano Costa				Barra do Garças				  3,000
Cáceres				Luís Geraldo da Silva (Geraldão)		Cáceres					  5,000
Cuiabá				Governador José Fragelli [1]			All from Cuiabá, Operário		 47,000
Jaciara				Márcio Cassiano da Silva			Jaciara					  5,000
Primavera do Leste		Asa Delta					Juventude				  5,000
Rondonópolis			Engenheiro Lutero Lopes				União					  7,000
Sinop				Municipal Gigante do Norte			Sinop					 25,000
Sorriso				Egídio José Preima				Sorriso					  5,000
Tangará	da Serra		Municipal de Tangará da Serra			Tangará					  5,000
Vera				Victório Moru					União de Vera				  3,000

[1] Used for all sorts of major, national and international matches in Cuiabá; also used by Operário, from neighbouring Várzea Grande

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