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Campeonato Brasileiro Júnior
Year   Champion             Runner-up
1978   Rio de Janeiro       Rio Grande do Sul
1979   Rio de Janeiro       São Paulo
1980   ?                    ?
1981   ?                    ?
1982   ?                    ?
1983   ?                    ?
1984 not held
1985   ?                    ?
1986   ?                    ?
1980   ?                    ?

Campeonato Brasileiro Juvenil (Taça Paulo Goulart)
Year   Champion             Runner-up
1953   Guanabara            Minas Gerais

Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-19
Year   Champion             Runner-up
2002   Minas Gerais         Rio Grande do Sul

Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-17
Year   Champion             Runner-up
2002   Rio Grande do Sul    Bahia

Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-15
Year   Champion             Runner-up
2001   Minas Gerais         Pernambuco

Obs.: Until 1959, "Distrito Federal" means the Brazilian capital (corresponding
only to the city of Rio de Janeiro). There was also a state of Rio de Janeiro
(corresponding to the countryside of the current Rio de Janeiro state), which
never won the Brazilian Championship.

In 1960, the former Distrito Federal was renamed to Guanabara state and the
recently inaugurated city of Brasília became the new Distrito Federal, which
never won the Brazilian Championship.

Finally, in 1975, the states of Guanabara and Rio de Janeiro were merged,
becoming the current state of Rio de Janeiro.


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