Torneio Início (Campeonato Fluminense) - 1921 - Terceiros Times

From 1915 to 1925 the championship of Liga Sportiva Fluminense, the official state federation, was the official state competition, though many fonts list them simply as Niterói city championship.

AMERICA Football Club (Niterói)
ARARIGBOYA Football Club (Niterói)
BARRETO Football Club (Niterói)
BYRON Football Club (Niterói)
CANTO DO RIO Football Club (Niterói)
FLUMINENSE Athletico Club (Niterói)
GUARANY Football Club (Niterói)
NEVES Athletico Club (São Gonçalo)
NICTHEROYENSE Football Club (Niterói)
ODEON Football Club (Niterói)
YPIRANGA Football Club (Niterói)

Final table:
 1.Barreto		 37   Champions
 2.Byron		 36
 3.Ypiranga		 25
 4.Canto do Rio		 24
   Odeon		 24
 6.Nictheroyense	 19
 7.Neves		 15
 8.America		 12
 9.Ararigboya		  8
10.Fluminense		  5
   Guarany		  5
1921 (league)

1921 (torneio início)

1921 (segundos times)

list of champions

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