Brazil - Rio Grande do Norte - Second Division Champions

In the 1940s', the Second Division was the amateur suburban division of Rio Grande do Norte
Sports Federation, and did not promote any clubs to its First Division.

1947 - Centro Esportivo e Atlético (Ceará-Mirim)
1948 - Mauá Futebol Clube (Natal)
1949 - Mauá Futebol Clube (Natal)
1950 - Igapó Futebol Clube (Natal)
1951 - not played
1952 - Mauá Futebol Clube (Natal)

In 1967, the amateur Liga das Rocas was absorbed into the Rio Grande do Norte Sports Federation
and turned into its Second Division. However, it did not award promotions in its first year,
only in the following three years.

1967 - Racing Sport Club (Natal) - no promotion
1968 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1969 – Centro Esportivo Força e Luz (Natal)
1970 - Associação Atlética Monte Castelo (Natal)

From 1971 to 1979, Rio Grande do Norte Sports Federation decided not to apply the Promotion Act
(Lei do Acesso) and therefore no promotions were awarded any longer.

1971 - Palmeiras Futebol Clube (Natal)
1972 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1973 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1974 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1975 - Treze da Vila Esporte Clube (Natal)
1976 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1977 - Racing Sport Club (Natal)
1978 - Associação Esportiva Emserv (Natal)
1979 - Santa Cruz Futebol Clube (São Gonçalo do Amarante)

From 1980 on, the old Second Division was turned into the Amateur Division and never again
related to the professional First Division. In 1980, the First Division was split in two groups:
Group A and Group B, with the latter serving as a Second Division by having the weaker clubs of
the league. Top 3 teams from Group B were promoted to Group A and Potiguar/M, who withdrew from
Group A in 1980, played the Second Division (formerly Group B) in 1981.

1980 - Ferroviário Esporte Clube (Natal)
1981 - Associação Cultural Desportiva Potiguar (Mossoró)

From 1982 on, the Second Division never met the minimum of 3 clubs and hence was not played again
until 1998.

1998 - Clube Atlético Piranhas - CAP (Jardim de Piranhas)
1999 – 2000 - Not played
2001 - Potiguar Esporte Clube (Parnamirim)  [*]
2002 - 2003 - Not played
2004 - Sport Club Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
2005 - Macau Esporte Clube (Macau)
2006 - Guamaré Esporte Clube (Guamaré)
2007 - Associação Cultural e Desportiva Potyguar Seridoense (Currais Novos)
2008 - Real Sociedade Independente (Jardim de Piranhas)
2009 - Clube Centenário Pauferrense (Pau dos Ferros)
2010 - ABC Futebol Clube (Natal) - B team
2011 - Caicó Esporte Clube (Caicó)
2012 - Associação Cultural e Desportiva Potyguar Seridoense (Currais Novos)
2013 - Globo Futebol Clube (Ceará-Mirim)
2014 - Centro Esportivo Força e Luz (Natal)
2015 - Associação Sportiva Sociedade Unida - ASSU (Assu)
2016 - Santa Cruz Futebol Clube (Natal)
2017 - Centro Esportivo Força e Luz (Natal)
2018 - Palmeira Futebol Clube (Goianinha)
2019 - Centro Esportivo Força e Luz (Natal)
2020 - Palmeira Futebol Clube (Goianinha)


 7  Racing (Natal)
 4  Força e Luz (Natal)
 3  Mauá (Natal)
 2  Potyguar (Currais Novos)
    Palmeira (Goianinha)
 1  ABC B (Natal)
    ASSU (Assu)
    Caicó (Caicó)
    Centro Esportivo e Atlético (Ceará-Mirim)
    CAP (Jardim de Piranhas)
    Centenário (Pau dos Ferros)
    Emserv (Natal)
    Ferroviário (Natal)
    Globo (Ceará-Mirim)
    Igapó (Natal)
    Macau (Macau)
    Monte Castelo (Natal)
    Palmeiras (Natal)
    Potiguar (Mossoró)
    Potiguar (Parnamirim)   [*]
    Guamaré (Guamaré)
    Racing (Natal)
    Real Independente (Jardim de Piranhas)
    Santa Cruz (Natal)
    Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
    Santa Cruz (São Gonçalo do Amarante)
    Treze da Vila (Natal)

[*] It was not an official second level, but a qualifying tournament to 2002's first level.

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