Championship of Santa Catarina State - 1956 In 1956 there was a curious fact: the great clubs of the state founded the Special League (LEPF � Liga Especial de Futebol Profissional), with the guarantee of own soccer�s federation (FCF � Federa��o Catarinense de Futebol), on June 02, 1956. The 10 clubs founders are the participants of the Special Division, in the same year the league is extinguished.

Participants (23):

Special Division (10 clubs): América Futebol Clube --Joinville Avaí Futebol Clube --Florianópolis CAXIAS Futebol Clube --Joinville Clube Atlético CARLOS RENAUX --Brusque Clube Esportivo PAYSANDU --Brusque Clube Náutico Marcílio DIAS --Itajaí FIGUEIRENSE Futebol Clube --Florianópolis GRÊMIO Esportivo Olímpico --Blumenau PALMEIRAS Esporte Clube --Blumenau Sociedade dos ESTIVADORES Esporte Clube � Itajaí

Amateur championship (13 clubs):

Clube Atlético BAEPENDI --Jaraguá do Sul Clube Atlético Operário --Joinville Clube Atlético Operário --Mafra Clube Atlético São Francisco --São Francisco do Sul Clube Atlético TUPI --Gaspar CRUZEIRO Atlético Clube --Joaçaba GRÊMIO Esportivo VASCO DA GAMA --Lages HENRIQUE LAGE Futebol Clube --Lauro M�ller IMBITUBA Atlético Clube --Imbituba ITA�NA Atlético Clube --Siderópolis LAURO M�LLER Futebol Clube --Itajaí PAULA RAMOS Esporte Clube --Florianópolis Sociedade Esportiva GUAYCURUS Futebol Clube -- Concórdia (*) (*) Guaycur�s, regional champion of Concórdia city runs over the Clerkship of FCF and it gets to dispute the championship in the place of the Sadia. The matches of the Sadia are annulled. Special Division First Phase Matches���������������������� Figueirense 2-0 Carlos Renaux (in Adolpho Konder Stadium, Florianópolis city) Final [Jan 20, 1957] Paysandu 2-1 América (in Edgard Schneider Stadium, Joinville city) Final classification of Special Division: 1� Paysandu (Brusque)..................09 lost points 2� América (Joinville).................11 lost points 3� Avaí (Florianópolis)................15 lost points 4� Olímpico (Blumenau).................18 lost points 5� Figueirense (Florianópolis).........19 lost points 6� Palmeiras (Blumenau)................19 lost points 7� Carlos Renaux (Brusque).............20 lost points 8� Caxias (Joinville)..................21 lost points 9� Estivadores (Itajaí)................23 lost points 10� Marcílio Dias (Itajaí)..............24 lost points Amateur championship Champion: Operário (Joinville)

Decision of the championship<

Paysandu (Brusque) = professional champion (special division) Operário (Joinville) = amateur championship Matches: Operário 2-1 Paysandu (in Joinville city) Paysandu 1-3 Operário (in Brusque city) Final classification of the championship of Santa Catarina State: Champion: Operário (Joinville) � champion unbeaten ���� 2� Paysandu (Brusque) --------------------------------------- ���� 3� América (Joinville) ���� 4� Avaí (Florianópolis) ���� 5� Olímpico (Blumenau) ���� 6� Figueirense (Florianópolis) ��� 7� Palmeiras (Blumenau) ���� 8� Carlos Renaus (Brusque) ���� 9� Caxias (Joinville) ��� 10� Estivadores (Itajaí) ��� 11� Marcílio Dias (Itajaí) --------------------------------------- ��� 12� ��� 13� ��� 14� ��� 15� ��� 16� ��� 17� ��� 18� ��� 19� ��� 20� ��� 21� ��� 22� ��� 23�

The champions cast (Operário): Glecir; Ti�o, Baixinho, B�zoca, N�idi; Bentivi, Dinho and Carri�o; Den, Vadinho and Bi�.

The cast of second place (Paysandu): Vilaci; Zenon, P�quinha and Kim; Walace and Bolognini; Nilo, Tel� (Chico), Julinho, Heintz (Ot�vio) and Godoberto. Topscore: Den (Operário)......................13 goals

Source: book "85 Anos de Bola - Mem�ria do Futebol Catarinense" de Maury �� ���Dal Grande Borges. 1954 1957


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Amateur championship 1956

Beginnings Tournament - Championship of Santa Catarina State 1956



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