São Paulo - Torneio Início 1957

Source: "O Caminho da Bola - volume 2", book written by Rubens Ribeiro.
Due to the high number of participants, the tournament was played in three phases
First Phase (played in 26/05/1957, at Luiz Pereira Stadium, Ribeirão Preto)

Guarani       1-0 Ferroviária
Linense       0-0 Noroeste          (1-0 on corners)
Ponte Preta   0-0 XV de Piracicaba  (3-2 on penalty shoots)
Botafogo      2-0 XV de Jaú

Guarani       2-1 Linense
Botafogo      1-0 Ponte Preta

Botafogo      1-0 Guarani

Botafogo and Guarani qualified to Third Phase

Second Phase (played in 04/06/1957, at Pacaembu Stadium, São Paulo)

Juventus      0-0 Ypiranga          (1-0 on penalty shoots)
Portuguesa    0-0 Jabaquara         (6-5 on penalty shoots)
Palmeiras     0-0 Nacional          (1-0 on penalty shoots)
Corinthians   0-0 Portuguesa Sant.  (2-0 on corners)
São Paulo     bye
São Bento     bye
Santos        bye
Taubaté       bye

São Paulo     0-0 São Bento         (1-0 on penalty shoots)
Santos        0-0 Taubaté           (1-0 on penalty shoots)
Juventus      0-0 Portuguesa        (1-0 on corners)
Palmeiras     2-1 Corinthians

São Paulo     0-0 Santos            (2-1 on corners)
Palmeiras     0-0 Juventus          (1-0 on penalty shoots)

São Paulo     0-0 Palmeiras         (1-0 on penalty shoots)

São Paulo and Palmeiras qualified to Third Phase

Third Phase (played in 06/06/1957, at Pacaembu Stadium, São Paulo)

Botafogo      0-0 Palmeiras         (1-0 on penalty shoots)
São Paulo     0-1 Guarani

Botafogo      2-1 Guarani



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