Bola de Ouro (Placar Magazine)

 The Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball) is an award offered by Placar magazine to the
best player of the Brazilian Championship since 1973. The award is given based
on scores given by Placar journalists during each match of the competition.
The best one for each field position win the Bola de Prata (Silver Ball), and
the player with the best score win the Bola de Ouro.

In 2016, Placar Magazine sold the rights of Bola de Prata award to ESPN Brasil TV channel.

Year	Winner (Team)
1970 Francisco REYES (Flamengo) [*]
1971 DIRCEU LOPES (Cruzeiro) [*] [**]
1972 Elías FIGUEROA (Internacional) [*]

1973 Augustín CEJAS (Santos) e Atílio ANCHETA (Grêmio)
1974 ZICO (Flamengo)
1975 WALDIR PERES (São Paulo)
1976 Elías FIGUEROA (Internacional)
1977 Toninho CEREZO (Atlético Mineiro)
1978 Paulo Roberto FALCÃO (Internacional)
1979 Paulo Roberto FALCÃO (Internacional)
1980 Toninho CEREZO (Atlético Mineiro)
1981 PAULO ISIDORO (Atlético Mineiro)
1982 ZICO (Flamengo)
1983 ROBERTO COSTA (Atlético Paranaense)
1984 ROBERTO COSTA (Vasco da Gama)
1985 MARINHO (Bangu)
1986 CARECA (São Paulo)
1987 RENATO GAÚCHO (Flamengo) [***]
1988 Cláudio André TAFFAREL (Internacional)
1989 RICARDO ROCHA (São Paulo)
1990 CÉSAR SAMPAIO (Santos)
1991 MAURO SILVA (Bragantino)
1992 JÚNIOR (Flamengo) 
1993 CÉSAR SAMPAIO (Palmeiras)
1994 Márcio AMOROSO (Guarani)
1995 GIOVANNI (Santos)
1996 DJALMINHA (Palmeiras)
1997 EDMUNDO (Vasco da Gama)
1998 EDÍLSON (Corinthians)
1999 MARCELINHO CARIOCA (Corinthians)
2000 ROMÁRIO (Vasco da Gama) [****]
2001 ALEX MINEIRO (Atlético Paranaense)
2002 KAKÁ (São Paulo)
2003 ALEX (Cruzeiro)
2004 ROBINHO (Santos)
2005 Carlos TEVEZ (Corinthians)
2006 LUCAS Leiva (Grêmio)
2007 THIAGO NEVES (Fluminense)
2008 ROGÉRIO CENI (Sâo Paulo)
2009 ADRIANO (Flamengo)
2010 Darío CONCA (Fluminense)
2011 NEYMAR (Santos)
2013 ÉVERTON RIBEIRO (Cruzeiro)
2014 RICARDO GOULART (Cruzeiro)
2015 RENATO AUGUSTO (Corinthians)
2016 GABRIEL JESUS (Palmeiras)

[*] These players were the best scored in 1970, 1971 and 1972, but they were not awarded because
the Bola de Ouro award started only in 1973.
[**] Received the 1971 Bola de Ouro as a hommage, in 2013 ceremony.
[***] In 1987, only players of Green Module (Copa União) were awarded.
[****] In 2000, only players of the Blue Module of Copa João Havelange were awarded.

Players with most wins

 2   Toninho CEREZO
     Paulo Roberto FALCÃO

Obs.: Elías Figueroa (Internacional) won in 1976 and would win in 1972
if Bola de Ouro existed that year.

Clubwise list of winners

 5   Flamengo
     São Paulo
 4   Atlético Mineiro
 3   Palmeiras
     Vasco da Gama
 2   Atlético Paranaense
 1   Bangu

Foreign Winners

1973 - Augustín CEJAS (Argentina)
1973 - Atílio ANCHETA (Uruguay)
1976 - Elías FIGUEROA (Chile)
2005 - Carlos TEVEZ (Argentina)
2010 - Darío CONCA (Argentina)

Keeping the Trophy

Only two players had won the Bola de Ouro in consecutive years:
1978/79 - Paulo Roberto FALCÃO (Internacional)
1983/84 - ROBERTO COSTA (Atlético-PR & Vasco da Gama)

And only three clubs had won Bola de Ouro in two consecutive years:
1978/79 - INTERNACIONAL (Falcão)
1998/99 - CORINTHIANS (Marcelinho Carioca; Edílson)
2013/14 - CRUZEIRO (Éverton Ribeiro; Ricardo Goulart)

Obs.: Neymar (Santos) won Bola de Ouro in 2011 and would win in 2012
but was awarded as Hors Concours and don't competed in the regular
Bola de Prata award.

Youngest and Oldest Winners

Junior was the oldest winner of Bola de Ouro. He was 38 in 1992.
Rogério Ceni was 35 in 2008.
Romário was 34 in 2000.

Youngest winners:

Gabriel Jesus (was 19y08m01d at the finish of 2016 championship).
Neymar (was 19y09m29d at the finish of 2011 championship).
Lucas Leiva (was 19y10m24d at the finish of 2006 championship).
Márcio Amoroso (was 20y5m13d at the finish of 1994 championship).
Kaká (was 20y7m23d at the finish of 2002 championship).
Robinho (was 20y10m24d at the finish of 2004 championship).

Statewise list of winners

19   São Paulo (SP)
11   Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
 7   Minas Gerais (MG)
 6   Rio Grande do Sul (RS)
 2   Paraná (PR) 

Most number of consecutive awards by state

4   São Paulo: 1993 (César Sampaio, Palmeiras)
               1994 (Amoroso, Guarani)
               1995 (Giovanni, Santos)
               1996 (Djalminha, Palmeiras)
3   São Paulo: 1989 (Ricardo Rocha, São Paulo)
               1990 (César Sampaio, Santos)
               1991 (Mauro Silva, Bragantino)

Awards by field position

24   Midfielders
13   Strikers
 6   Goalkeepers
 3   Defenders

Bola de Prata

Bola de Prata -- Trivia

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